Edification Through Media Foundation will seek to encourage and support projects that foster edifying media within the scope of its Mission Statement. The foundation does not have an endowment to disburse for funding projects.  Rather, it is seeking grants and donations to fund specifically identified projects that help the foundation fulfill its mission. 

The following is a formal procedure for the foundation to consider projects, which will need to be submitted approximately two weeks prior to quarterly board meetings. 

A project being prepared for consideration by the Board must first be submitted in writing to the Foundation Executive Director (send it to  It will be due approximately two weeks prior to Board Meetings. The Foundation’s Staff will have one week to review submitted projects and will forward a summary of the projects to the Board for consideration and approval.

While no specific format is required for submissions, proposals should be no longer than 2 – 4 pages in length, and contain the following information:
1.  Name of Project
2.  Name and contact information of the person(s) applying, including a summary of their experience and qualifications.
3. Brief description of the Project
4.  Explanation of how this Project, if supported by the Board, will contribute to Edification Through Media Foundation’s mission.
5.  Synopsis of the story or short (one paragraph) explanation providing greater details of the production (if visual media).
6.  Explanation of how monies to fund the Project will be raised, together with anticipated Project cost, other sources of funds, means of dissemination of the Program or Project to the public, etc.

Edification Through Media Foundation in no way guarantees that a submitted project will be supported by the foundation. It is up to the foundation’s sole discretion and that of its board members if it will select any given project to support, even
if it appears to align with the foundation’s mission statement.

The following schedule provides dates by which submissions are due, and when the Board estimates it will meet to consider such projects. Adjustments to this schedule are at the discretion of the foundation.